Global Study Programs

Internationalise your curriculum through global study options.

RIC welcomes students from around the world to study a part or full qualification with us whilst still enrolled in their course of study in their home country. We work closely our international provider partners to create programs that facilitate an internationalisation of their curriculum through the inclusion of a global study option for their students.

Global study program provides the students of international institutions a unique learning experience in an overseas environment as part of their Vietnamese study program while diversifying RIC’s student body, contributing to the study experience of RIC students and creating a dynamic a multicultural learning environment. Such programs also promote cooperation between international education institution and RIC through the establishment of a joint/double qualification program. 

Other Programs

RIC also engaged and collaborates with international education partners on a range of programs including:

  •  short courses and seminars
  • online education programs
  • exchange of research and teaching staff
  • exchange of curriculum, materials, and publications
  • participation in workshops and training courses in each others campus facilities
We welcome expressions of interest from international education providers to work with us in creating unique opportunities for students around the world.

Our International Partners

HCMC College of Technology