Student Support Services

We are here to assist you in any way possible throughout your studies.

We have a dedicated Student Support Officer whose focus is in providing access for students to academic and welfare related services as well as monitoring a student’s progress throughout the course and developing intervention strategies, in co-operation with trainers and the Academic Manager, for students at risk.

At Rhodes International College we aim to provide a warm and friendly environment for you as a student, and all of our staff, including senior management.

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Rhodes International College’s Student Support Officer is also responsible for managing the complaints and appeals process, mediation and referrals to external support services when required and both academic and non-academic counselling.

It is important to us at Rhodes International College that all of students feel supported and valued and consider our college a safe place for learning and development.

More information about student support services, course progress, complaints and appeals, critical incidents and discrimination and harassment can be found in the Rhodes International College policies here.

We are here to support you
Through the whole of your student experience

We understand that success in your studies can be affected by influences both within and outside of the classroom. This is why, at Rhodes International College, we offer a range of support services to all students in order to make sure that you have the tools and the opportunities required to meet milestones, achieve satisfactory course progression and optimise your learning experience.

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